Maybe you’ve just started a channel on You Tube so you went out and boaght the best DSLR that money can buy. Maybe you went out and got the best lighting setup or the best lens. well, all of that goes out the window without the proper audio set up.

  If you’re uploading mostly day in the life type of vlogs then a wireless microphone set up is one hundred percent the way to go. The Rode wireless GO is voted best on the market right now so lets get into some of its features:

  The RODE Wireless GO is the most tiny and compact wireless microphone on the market right now. The transmitter features an in-built omnidirectional condenser capsule and can be used as a clip-on mic or it can be used with with the RODE lavalier.

This compact transmitter and receiver has been making things much easier for vloggers, vocalists, and vocal coaches alike. This microphone set up has a distance of 70 feet from transmitter to receiver. Here are just a couple features.

  • Ultra-compact form-factor – transmitter and receiver weigh a minuscule 31g each.
  • Series III 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission with 128-bit encryption delivers crystal-clear audio under any conditions and excels in dense Wi-Fi and Bluetooth environments (shopping malls, conventions, hotels etc).