Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons are available at Melrose Studios! In other words, join hundreds of satisfied students. Learn how to sing with the best vocal coach in Hollywood!

Singing is not only for those with born talent. in other words, it is a beautiful skill that anyone can develop and strengthen overtime. That is to say, anyone who dedicates the needed time and effort, can learn how to control and project their voice effortlessly.

With proper instruction, for instance, you will develop the muscles and knowledge needed to go on and become an amazing singer for many years to come. Learn how to keep your vocal chords strong and healthy in your singing journey.


Sean Lee
The Voice Mechanic

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Sean Lee started his musical career at the age of sixteen. He had very specific training on ‘belting’ and ‘proper breathing technique’ in Toronto, Canada for nine years from 1984 – 1993. Sean also began studying guitar and Martial Arts at the same age. After studying ‘Sound Engineering’ in 1993, Sean attended a full time guitar and music theory training course from 1994 – 1996 at The Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, California.

As a result, Sean has been featured on Oprah’s Oxygen Network in the same episode as Sir Paul McCartney entitled “As She See’s It”. He has also been featured on Asahi TV (Japan), and had his music spotlighted on MTV. Most importantly, Sean’s clients range from Critically Acclaimed Movie Producers, to Actors, Multi-Platnumn Artists, Managers, School Teachers, Sports Announcers etc., etc.

Recently, Sean was called to the set of the FX TV series: “OVER*THERE” to teach the soldiers how to scream without losing their voices and be able to work the next day!

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Voice Mechanic Hollywood Vocal Coach - Before & After video - Pop Music

Terry Ilous (Great White) - First Singing Lesson with Sean Lee (bef & aft 30min)