Google AdWords Services

We’re acting as the marketing department, but even better, because we’re part of your website and online presence.

Every dollar spent can be accounted for and calculated in the ROI (return on investment) – unlike most traditional forms of marketing.

PPC (pay per click) is best to start slow with ad budget – $5 per day – $10 per day, $200-300 per month – then find the sweet spots and scale up!

Start 1st month with Google AdWords
– Do tests
– Design creatives for ads

– Set budgets

2nd month Google AdWords  + Facebook Ads Retargeting
– Strategic perfection
– Exposure for buyer-intent keywords
– Retargeting leads that visited the website
– Design more creatives and video and test

Ongoing Data Science and Campaign Management
– Perfecting bids / targeting
– More creatives / video ads


SEO + PPC = Domination

Let’s start growing your business today!

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