As you may already know Tik Tok is taking the industry by storm. Artists not currently in the spotlight are given the opportunity to have their song heard by millions. Artists are now also able to collaborate with their favorite artist from anywhere at anytime. Tic Tok’s Algorithm seems to be a little more generous when it comes to handing out views even for beginners. I guess you could say Tik Tok is more generous than other sites when it comes to starting you out with views.

  A lot of top artist on the platform, typically vocalists give opportunities such as open verse challenges and if your chops are up you could find your voice on a remix of your favorite song by your favorite artist. this would be called the Duet feature and in my opinion is ground breaking new technology connecting artist both local and worldwide.  Many local bands are being discovered using tiktok’s  Live stream feature where artist can showcase their entire set in front of a live audience. Viewers can communicate with other fans as the show is taking place while also send the band Gifts.

 Gifts on the live feature give your fans the opportunity to to tip and show support for the artist putting on a show. Tik Tok Has also Brought back bigger acts back from the dead and into the ears of a new generation of listeners. 

  There is also a growing presence of both vocal coaches and users seeking Vocal Lessons on the application. Yes, even the coaching genre is picking up as time passes.

 Although as I explained earlier Tik Toks algorithm is generous with the amount of views given to a new user, If you’re an artist that’s wanting to build and audience don’t think it will come all that easy. Tik tok’s algorithm will keep track of how often you’re posting new content. Be consistent and with a little work you’ll be showing your music to the audience you’ve always dreamt of.


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