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The following websites are just a few samples created by Sean Lee at Melrose Studios. These samples are actual websites.
All sites can have FREE shopping carts for PayPal with unlimited products.


Barebumz.com - Bikini Store with Shopping Cart - Word Press Theme (Online Store)
KustomTee.com - Online T-Shirts with custom design feature - Word Press Theme (Online Store)
HollywoodLeggings.com - Leggings Store with Shopping Cart - Word Press Theme (Online Store)
CheapLeggingsUSA.com - Leggings Store with Shopping Cart - Word Press Theme (Online Store)
HighEndJunkYard.com - Clothing Store with Shopping Cart - Word Press Theme (Online Store)

Collision Body Specialists - Body Shop for Cars - Word Press Theme (Automotive)
OrangeGroveCollisionCenter.com - Body Shop for Cars - Word Press Theme (Automotive)
VoiceMechanic.com - Singing Lesson Website - (HTML Site)
RanchoDeLosCielos.com/wordpress - Horse Ranch Site - Word Press Theme (Commercial Real Estate)
DMTRANS.net - Limosine Service Website - Word Press Theme (Limosine)

DJAngelMusic.com - Music Site with Tour Dates - Word Press Theme (Music/Band)
JesusSonsBand.com - Rock Band Site with Tour Dates - Word Press Theme (Music/Band)
ThatMetalBar.com - Heavy Metal DJ Site - Word Press Theme (Music/DJ)
HollywoodSherriffProductions.com  - Band Promoter Site - Word Press (Free Theme)
ChrisSlade.com - Rock Star website - (HTML Site)
"The new homepage looks FANTASTIC"      Chris Slade - AC/DC
DollyChick.com - Pop Band - (HTML Site)

www.IsisJackson.com - Artist Site with Shopping Cart - Word Press Theme (Artist)
BigAnimalComics.com - Artist Site - Word Press Theme (Music/DJ)
RalphRieckermann.com - Film Scoring Music Site - Word Press Theme (Music/Band)
BallenEntertainment.com - Artist / Kange Water - Word Press Theme (Music/Band)

- Blog Site - Word Press (Basic Wordpress)
LymphedemaForum.com - Blog Site - Word Press (Basic Wordpress)

MelrosePhotography.com - Photography Website - Word Press Theme (Artist/Model)

Vitality For Wellness - Doctor & Weightloss - Word Press Theme (Medical)

DavidSharkFralick.com - Actor / Young & The Restless - Word Press Theme (Actor)
LarryWarton.com - Actor / Young & The Restless - Word Press (Basic Wordpress)
David-Flint.com - Actor website - (HTML Site)

WhiteWitchOfSpells.com - Psychic website - Word Press (Custom Theme)
- Psychic website - Word Press (Custom Theme)

ADeadlyHaunting.com - Book website - Word Press Theme (Book/Novel)
- Novel website - Word Press Theme (Book/Novel)

SoberMingles.com - Dating Site - Word Press Theme (Dating)
SoberTopia.com - Social Networking Site - Ning Template
LesSnatch.com - Dating Site - Cloud Based Web Developement Platform

GypsySyndicate.com - Movie website - Word Press Theme (Artist)
AdrenalineMan.com - Television Show Site - Word Press (Theme)
MalibuRanch.com - Television Show Site - (HTML Site)
DecisionsTheMovie.com - Movie website - (HTML Site)
AcademyReels.com - Production Company - (HTML Site)
HandMadePuppetDreams.com - Heather Henson's Puppet Movie Site - (HTML Site)
"Thank You so much Sean!!!!!
Thank You for your great beautiful work and constant availability.
We are so lucky to have you on the team!  Thanks!
: ) Heather Henson

GigiForever.com - Model website - Word Press Theme (Artist/Model)
- Church / Worship site - Word Press Theme (Religious)
BreakingTheLaw.us - Rock Band Site with Tour Dates - Word Press Theme (Music/Band)
Exclusive Environmental - Mold & Waterproofing website - (HTML Site)
ExtremeTravelCritics.com - Travel website with members area - (HTML Site)
LTTacticalGroup - MIlitary & Stunt Fireproof clothing - (HTML Site)
RanchoDeLosCielos.com - Flash Intro / Horse Ranch / Sales - (HTML Site)
PimpologyTheBook.com - Dating Book Website - (HTML Site)
DigitalNativeArtists - Rock Band Website with Editing & Animation - (HTML Site)
MimiMillerStyle.com - Fashion / Products / Promotion - (HTML Site)
OrcaDistribution.com - Products / Promo Video - (HTML Site)
MJSignatureCollection.com - Products / Sales - (HTML Site)
MelodysSecret.com - Product & Events - (HTML Site)
JonathanHeap.com - Director / Producer / Demo Reels - (HTML Site)
JohnDeHartEsq.com - Law Firm - (HTML Site)
GaryBallen.com - Personal Site - (HTML Site)
MiwaRocks.com - Heavy Metal Band Site with AC/DC Drummer - (HTML Site)
ToshikoMuto.com - Flah Intro / Personal Site - (HTML Site)
Animal369.com - Flash Intro / David Lee Roth's Bodyguard - (HTML Site)
JohnDenora.com - Judo Grandmaster - (HTML Site)
ToshikoMuto - Artist Website - (HTML Site)
RalphRieckermann - Film Scoring Composer - (HTML Site)
DulceHomeStaging - Furniture Website - (HTML Site)
BioEthicsUSA.com - Bio Ethics Lawyer - (HTML Site)
ConfidentialRecords.us - Dionne Warwick's Son / Record Company - (HTML Site)
NuLifeMeds.com - Health Products / Sales - (HTML Site)
AntoniosOnMelrose.com - Mexican Restaraunt - (HTML Site)
MobileTransmission.ca - Transmission Shop - (HTML Site)
Bonnie Lee - Celine Dion Tribute Artist - (HTML Site)
SignatureWig.org - wig website - (HTML Site)
TheUntoldTruth.com - Negro Leagues Baseball Documentary Site - (HTML Site)



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