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What is SEO?      Search Engine Optimization.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential in increasing your target audience over the web. SEO makes sure that you are found for keywords that are relevant to your website therefore increasing your exposure to a targeted audience. What is the point to having a website if nobody can find it?
(Ex:  Your website is about Dog Accessories titled DogAccessories.com – Right now no SEO is done for Dogaccessories.com which means the site is not being found for keywords related to its niche.
Keywords the site is NOT being found for are “dog accessories”, “dog food” “dog collars” etc..
Meaning whenever a potential client types in “Dog Collars” they are not finding the site because no SEO has been done and the site is currently on Page 8 of Google. **94% of searches do not go past the 1st page of google**
However, with SEO being done; DogAccessories.com is now being found for the above mentioned keywords as it is Ranking # 2 on the 1st Page of Google. “Dog Collars” alone has 40, 500 searches monthly meaning 75% of those searches click on the Website that is ranked in the Top 3 Spots of Google. This means that over 30,000 potential customers (who are looking for your services) are coming to your business/website monthly based only off of 1 keyword.)

What is being done?

Off-Page SEO:  SEO includes consistent natural link building campaigns for the website on various web platforms including Directories, Social Bookmarks, Social Networks, Wikis, Forums etc.. This increases website page ranking in Google search organically. Backlinks (link building campaign) are the only way to increase a websites ranking organically but must be done with QUALITY and care by a professional.

On-Page SEO:   SEO Also includes on-page optimization to the website. On-Page changes include titles, keywords, tags and coding all optimized on the webpage to make sure the website is as visible as possible in Google and has the highest chance of rising with all of the backlink campaigns.

Blog Marketing is another form of Backlinks specified to one platform: Blogs. Basically, high quality articles are created based on your niche (authors, books etc..) and are posted on various article/blog websites related to your niche to promote your site/book. The articles are published with a link back to your website or amazon page helping with both Google Page rank and increased exposure (marketing).

On Page SEO:
-Title:  needs to be refined and have keywords to get higher google ranking
-Keywords: Meta keywords need to be included (tells google what keywords the site should be found based on)
-Description: Needs a strong description with the keywords they want to get ranked for
-Main Page: Short text content paragraph should be written for the main page. This looks better for google as they see actual content and they read the content, scan for keywords and help your site rank higher for those keywords.

Off Page SEO:
-Directory Submissions: Free, but long hours of manual labour. Directory submission put your link on Directories and increase ranking by placing your site link on the directory and naming your site according to the keywords you would like to rank for.
-Blog Comments: Make comments on relevant blogs that have similar content to your website. Include Anchor Text (a keyword with a link back to your site) in the comment to make google increase your ranking for that keyword.
-Forum comments, questions, content: Exact same thing as Blog comments but on relevant forums.
-Trackbacks, Microblog, Article Submissions: Exact same thing as the above two.


About WordPress

Redesign a new website on its own Hosted domain name.
Having a website hosted through blogspot (yourwebsite.blogspot.com) cuts nearly 90% of your traffic because the website is owned and hosted through Google.

Self Hosted

The new website (Yourdomain.com) will be self-hosted and redesigned on the most up to date and modern web publishing program, Wordpress.

Easy To Update and Maintain

Wordpress has an easy backend for Non-programmers to easily update and edit the website in a matter of minutes. Easier than blogspot.

Endless Amounts Of Designs and Widgets

You are able to choose from many unique and sleek designs. As well, we can easily implement a Blog, social media links, videos, newsletter subscriptions, videos, sharing options,  comments, polls, sliders, photo galleries, news updates and many more widgets.

Wordpress has the latest designs and is used by all Top Companies in Web Design
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